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before we send you to break lets take a look outside at traffic on the bay bridge. water! that's what bay area residents woke up to today... it was the third storm to hit our area this week... and what a punch it packed! we'll be getting to our storm coverage.. but first but first... three firefighers are in serious
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but stable condition tonight after they were involved in a weather related accident on highway 24 out in orinda this morning. fire crews were responding to a non-injury accident east of wilder road and were on the shoulder of the highway when another car lost control in the rain and struck the side of the fire engine. the car rolled over and hit three firefighters -- also injuring the driver inside the first car. some of the firefighters had to undergo surgery but no one was killed in this incident. three veteran firefighters -- michael rattary, kelly morris and stephen rogness were transported to john muir hospital in walnut creek. two of the firefighters needed surgery. we have team coverage on the damage and mess left behind after the down pour that battered the entire bay area. but first... lets head over to weather to see if we'll be getting a chance to dry out our umbrellas anytime soon. i'm brian? >> tuesday, it looks like we finally see some of break of the sun and clouds. finally also, tomorrow some sunshine. it to dry out of this rainfall. >> kron4's maureen kelly was in san francisco where the heavy morning rain created a lot of problems that lasted long after the skies cleared. what you are looking at is a crew from the city's department of public works trying to use a rake to clear one the dozens of
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backed up stormed drains left over from the hard hitting storm system. this one created a mini lagoon to spring up at the corner of van ness and hayes....taking over a few lanes of the street...making it tough for drivers....the high water also covered the sidewalk....forcing pedestrians to treadnats bit those getting around on the shuttle buses because the church and van ness stations were closed with yellowthis is a still picture taken underground at the church street stop....which got four feet of water over the tracks....some ridersbite service was restored at around 1pm once crews finished clearing the tracks highway.....made an impromptu obstacle course for bikers and beach goers....and kept cars out which were closed from splintered tree branches were another common sight today..this massive ficus engulfing a parking meter....and blocked the entire sidewalk and at least one lane of traffic at hayes and polk...the city brought on extra tree cutting crews in advance of the thing...since there were at least 40 reports of trees...or their branches falling all eyes were on the napa river this morning.. all of the rain caused it to crest a foot above flood stage.. in an agricultural area, the east bay. was out there today seeing tackling the wide spread redwood city officials are warning residents that this police are saying that people who live in the southeastern portion of the city near broadway... page street... rolison...
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and bay roads will face most you are looking at video shot earlier by sky 7 and you can see there is already flooding in a nearby parking lot and several damp roadways. officials are also you see a flooded roadway don't drive through it... and -- this is an example see a flooded street. today. this stranded car had several inches high. police are reminding people to be careful and djegal joins us live with weather. we received a lot of to actually getting out area family. fence. posing for a pic with their best friend. the owner of this car in santa rosa feels. probably on the phone with their insurance company as we speak. a toppled tree causing serious damage. the east bay taking a pounding.. video as the storm barreled and, as trucks and cars pushed through the soaked streets of pleasant hill... in martinez, the rain and gusty winds swung river-like conditions in vallejo... the water was litterally knee deep. you'd never know this was a neighborhood. and, while the san francisco department of public works did its best to this viewer watched the last of the morning downpour from thie backyard in san mateo. that was probably the best way to watch -- dry and it was certainly a busy and wet day... keep sharing your
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pictures with us... to breaking news at kron four dot com. philippe djegal, kron four news. take a look at this picture a viewer sent in. it's a car trapped on shepard canyon road in oakland. car is up to its roof in water. pictures of the storm send it was a five hour long ordeal on the richmond-san rafael bridge earlier today when high winds knocked over a big rig! high winds flipped over the empty tractor trailer early this morning blocking two left lanes. truck driver ignored the high wind warnng and was traveling abovet he speed limit when he flipped over. it took about five hours to flip the truck right side up because crews has to wait for winds to die down. in pittsburg, there was a major backup on westbound higway-4 near loveridge road earlier today. these are aerials from sky-7 hd, abc 7 news. a sig alert was issued. in a small section of the highway -- only two lanes were open as cars crawled through the area. a large pothole was to blame for the traffic mess... the pothole left dozens of rain. one driver says 25 cars blew out their tires after running into the large pothole. drivers say the rain made it difficult for them to see the pothole in the middle of the highway. some motorists changed those that couldn't do it themselves had to wait to fix the pothole. frustrating experience. a tow truck crew was at the scene changing tires. others drivers had their cars towed to get problem today all around the pg&e says the high
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(male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found people behaving badly.the rain hits the bay it's not uncommon for traffic to back up like here on the 880 this driver chose to follow problem with that she was >> (police): ford pickup, when it rains in the bay common sence pretty goes out the window. the driver of the pickup claimed she had an emergency, at her the driver in this white car was spotted weaving in and out of the carpool lane in a solo driver it's hard enough to navigate the roads whrn the weather is dry it's even more >> (police): pull forward after officer hunter from the hayward office of the chp had a talk with him it >> i was impatient , when i was in the right lane the car in front of me was going entirely too slow and i said let me go around over here i can count on one hand just i was wrong it was my fault im guilty the carpool lame is a pretty hefty ticket its something in the 4 or 5 hundred range don't remind rain officers also check for disables vehicles, this one
8:31 pm
was occupied the driver was officer hunter instructed he the rain also creates it's share of collisions this is four car finder bender where to the center divide, it was a traffic break was created and everyone was moved to our destinations in one piece if every driver would drive to stay alive at the hawyard office of the chp stanley roberts, kron 4 news if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, you can email us at m take a look at these pictures a viewer sent in. this is where highway twelve and 121 meet in napa. as you can see the entire intersection is covered in water. send them in to us >> the gilroy garlic festival is at risk because
8:32 pm
of the high water. these people however, are used to the high water conditions in this area during the rainy season. in gilroy, rob fladeboe, kron 4. >> the santa cruz mountains also look to see about it 10-16 in. of rain fall in just five days. we are getting our break however cough in a week and this one seems like it was a doozy! are we gonna get a chance to at least let our umbrellas dry out before another system hits? looks like the rain could
8:33 pm
possibly hold off on to state the live look at the golden gate bridge is mostly clear for tonight with dry conditions. partly cloudy skies tonight and mostly sunny. some patchy fog in the north bay and high clouds for the afternoon. has this afternoon gets closer to still look for rainfall that is going to be light. one-quarter of 1 in. with 2 in. of the higher elevations. not as strong as this system as what we of scene. wednesday, a stretch of dry weather on thursday >> thank you. gamow all the high winds and downed trees are taking down power lines... and knocking out power across the bay area. the dark and how pge's handling it all...we've got pge spokesman joe mole-ah- ca on the line. joe, what are the real problem areas right now? how many people are affected? >> the north bay has been hit hard when we get a high
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soil saturation that brien was mentioning, the trees are really coming down. the good news is that although it is intense it was short but it did produce a lot of the situation of cleanup. 5100 customers are run the bay area and the north bay. 1100 out on the peninsula. and 1500 on the peninsula are still without power. our power crews are going to work throughout tonight and tomorrow to get the lights effect on them and they're not able to watch us but how long do you think how long until you get the power back on? >> as i mentioned, the working crews will be out tonight and tomorrow. some
8:35 pm
restorative power but just to give you an idea how out destructive it was we had over 30,000 people out of power. at the height of this storm this morning and now, 5100. >> i good news - rain has stopped. bad news - ground is still soggy and trees are >> we're als formed to work throug throughout the nig and to tomorrow. and until everybody is fully restored. >> what's the game plan for monday? >> with the santa cruz mountains and a northern california working crews have helped the working crews and other areas that are being hit harder. >> and all about some safetysafety tips?
8:36 pm
don't touch live wires. >> absolutely! it is a great reminder. as we see these series of storms the lightning in a saturated soil and the wind, nation have a power line down. if you see a power line it down to keep to themselves and keep everybody away including your family pet and call 9 1 0 1, paul pg need right away. >> and i have to confess that i lit a candle. it >> i a lot of candles and myself included but they do not realize the extreme for risk. we recommend a l e.d. lantern, flashlight purify can help it do use battery operated flashlights do call 24 hour power outage line trying to restore power to customers thru out the bay area. thanks. pge spokesman
8:37 pm
- joe moleahka >> the san anselmo creek could not handle the rain and spiked to 13 feet early this morning. the creek normally runs at four feet. all that water had to go somewhere and ran into the neighborhoods below. you can see crews were cleaning were called out by mid morning but the damage had already been done. entire streets were flooded at one time and left a lot of mud, tree branches, leaves and other debris behind. the sanitary district put signs up to warn residents that sewage was mixed in with the flood waters. the overflowing creek produced so much water that you can see it flowing down both sides of the street and the woman who lives in that house right thereshe woke up to find the entire first floor was flooded. >> it was raining really
8:38 pm
hard and the flood just came down the street and through the back yard and it just rose really fastfour inches of water. them off >> you can see the damage to julia's house. the bathroom, kitchen, and living room were covered in water and mud. julia was a little frazzled but had a good attitude about the sunday morning damage. >> it's just stuff. i'm fine. my cat is cowering but she's fine. it's just stuff. >> but, this is not how she planned on spending her day. >> all i wanted to do was watch >> instead, julia and her neighbors will spend the day cleaning up. >> i'm jeff bush in san anselmo, kron four news. >> that wasn't the only place dealing with rising
8:39 pm
taking a look at the downed power trees. and more dramatic video of the storm. this one big problem after the third round of storms hit... fallen trees! trees fell all over the bay area... in lafayette... residents of one house came home to find a big tree had fallen in their yard last night... p-g-&e fixed the problem this morning... and an hour and a half later... another large tree comes crashing down damaging the same power lines that had just been fixed. crews came back to cut up the tree and p-g-&-e fixed the damaged powerline this afternoon. and -- in pacifica... a potential danger hazard... as a large tree branch dangled on power lines... this is video from sky- 7 hd, abc 7 news. high winds combined with ground-saturating rain caused trees to fall over. p-g-&-e says to report any downed power lines. they advise residents to keep away from the damaged power lines and to call 9-1-1 immediately. and more downed trees in oakland... this is video from sky-7 hd, abc 7 news. earlier today.... you can see some damage done to the roof of the home. one of the trees that toppled over -- also blocked the roadway. more dramatic video of the storm damage... a large tree topple ingleside district this
8:40 pm
this is video from sky- it looks no homes were in the way... but you can see damage done to three sets of backyard fences. tonight -- residents in the area are still trying to clean up the mess.
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tens of billions of dollars expect recovery efforts willl cost in new york
8:43 pm
after superstorm sandy. that story.. coming up. victims of super storm sandy in new york are expecting to get about 40 billion of dollars in federal relief to help cover the costs of damaged homes... transit systems... hospitals and more than three hundred thousand homes suffered serious damage. lawmakers are hoping to have a deal in place before the end of the year. more than 100 new jersey resients won't be allowed to return home until at least saturday... as crews continue to work to clear the hazardous gas that spilled when a freight train derailed on the train was knocked paulsboro... new jersey when a bridge collapsed. as many as five cars fell into the creek below. the political crisis in egypt appears to be worsening.
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earlier today islamist demonstrators carrying banners denouncing the nation's highest court prevented judges from entering the courthouse. the judicial system and president mohammed morsi have been butting heads ever since morsi granted himself sweeping powers... giving both him and the islamist panel drafting the new constitution immunity from the courts. take a look at these power lines, stay away. and more downed trees in oakland. several trees swiped a home that was tried earlier today.
8:46 pm
>> the santa cruz mountains. from earlier, the storm front came through this morning and some places getting up and over 10- inches of rain fall. the storm that came from thursday, friday, today, wednesday. this live look through san francisco the mt. tam golden cleat. here is a the bay and we are finally getting a break from this stormy weather. here is the highest rainfall totals. this is near the mountains to the west. typically a very wet area. 16 in. exclamation paul 14 in. and other areas this is and other areas, and boulder
8:47 pm
creek, santa cruz mountains and 11 in.. for tonight, the storm front is off to the east with clear skies and another weather system offshore. this will be here with us on tuesday but the rainfall will be perhaps one-quarter of 1 in. a year the bay. higher amounts in the north bay midnight, mostly clear. some said the conditions expected. noon, some clouds and we will see the increasing high clouds for the afternoon. notice, we are mostly cloudy by 6:00 p.m. the leading edge of this next system just a few lumps of a the radar most of it will be in the north bay with a scattered, light showers. the golden gate pressing to the south and to the east it is not a strong storm by any means. by tuesday, light showers coming through. showers on
8:48 pm
the/off on wednesday. after that, dry weather returns. temperatures are looking at 40's and 50's tomorrow to start. 60s for the afternoon. if your kron 4 7 day around the bay tuesday, mostly cloudy skies but occasional light rained. showers on wednesday and on thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, you are looking pretty nice. no storms. it retreats to the north and was the parley mostly sunny skies with temperatures in the 60s. gabe slate tech report >> the mobile what is the future, to leave your wallet at home and to use your smart phone. the mobile wahl let is the future. it will be part of our life the mobile wallet. a simple introduction of mobile payments starbucks is a great place to start. for a
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cup of coffee, is a small purchase it has teamed up with a square. a mobile app called square wallet a free download after installation. and for your credit/debit card information and it was securely hold that information. open up the application, and hit a starbucks, and pay here. scanned your phone you will get a digital receipt. it will be reducted from your credit card. >> jason, not a great name if your name is kaepernick. >> correct not a great day for kaepernick for the 49ers the honeymoon is over
8:50 pm
colin kaepernick the 2nd year qb making his 3rd straight start - and getting the jim harbaugh pregame treatment....alex smith says...hey that used to be me coach >> take a look at the number of sex that was tied a 17.5. he said that record in the ec duve live pure and half the number of-sex, kaepernick comes back, with another crucial mistake. sacks... that is a safety, tar balls looks on and not have the seven-two, 49 years. the fourth quarter, the option flips over the player recovering up in the end zone alex smith. the rams, after a 5 yd penalty and a two-point conversion. tying it at 10-10. audi nine years get people back this
8:51 pm
could have been a defining moment of kaepernick career. and the 50 yd game for 84 yds rushing. since steve young, 22 years ago and on the next play hardball is aggressive. he goes for the touchdown. he could have had it but delaney will purchase of the fingertips. they set it up for a field goal. with just three seconds to go their return the favor, gregg could be one of the guest best kicker, nails the 53 charter. going to over time again. the forty-niners and the rams. and with a chance to win as he presses this to the right you cannot believe it. jeff fisher of the rams says thank you very much. it looks like we could have a second time in three weeks but not the case. this is could kaepernick loses
8:52 pm
his first game but harbaugh says that he will be the starter next week against miami 16-13. kaepernick leave meserle not a bad game but for the to costly mistakes. kaepernick -- not a horrible game. >> >> hi keith of those points that were dashed those were 100 percent my fault. >> we are going to have to bounce back very quickly it is a football fight. we did not win. the raiders were just about as ugly as the bay area weather.. oakland coliseum...wet from the overnight and early the second quarter, he goes to deepen a perfect pass to josh gordon. 10-0 cleveland take a look, the
8:53 pm
rookie ices this was a 3 yd touchdown, 20-10. the raiders lose their fifth straight game 20-17, 3-9. for this haute short week there will host denver. >> see you. thank you.
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>> what a mass at the coliseum is a good day to watch television and sports from your home. >> if you do have power. >> the good news is that the rain will stop. >> absolutely much needed break for tonight and for tomorrow. mostly sunny skies with the increase in high clouds for the afternoon. there is a another storm for tuesday, wednesday. it is not as strong as what we have seen. much lighter rain fall on tuesday the heaviest will be to the north bay. look for rainfall totals it tuesday,
8:57 pm
wednesday perhaps one- quarter in the bay area. a couple of inches of the north bay and you compare that to 1 ft. of rainfall that we have had in the past five days. is not the same intensity. >> we have had over one month of rain and the last 5 days. >> absolutely 1 ft. of rainfall in the mountains is a serious. >> hopefully that will turn to snow for the skiing people with they can
8:58 pm
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